Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning, or a ducted split system, is a highly efficient system for keeping your home or office comfortable during the hot summer months. It differs from ‘traditional’ sing-unit air conditioning systems by cooling multiple rooms, or areas, at the same time. This enables the working or home environments to remain a comfortable temperature consistently, rather than just one area.

The benefit to this sort of system is that, in an office for example, staff who do not have the luxury of working in a room that contains a single-unit air conditioner can still enjoy a nice cool environment to work in during a hot day. This is much better for their comfort levels and thus productivity.

In the home, it is unusual to have a single-unit air conditioner in a bedroom, but not the main living area, often the opposite is true. During a hot summer night – which Melbourne is known for – a good night’s sleep can be very difficult in a stuffy, overheated bedroom. How many times have you slept on the couch because it was situated in a room that had air conditioning? Just to get a peaceful sleep. With a ducted air split system or ducted air conditioner, each room in the house can be set to remain nice and cool, so in the event Melbourne turns up the heat during the night, you can always be comfortable in your own bed.

Keeping your home or office refrigerated during the summer months can often be an expensive exercise due to the amount of electricity used to continuously run an air conditioner during a heat wave. Coupled with the cost of the unit, and the costs can be out of reach of many families or workplaces.

Our ducted air conditioning prices – for the units and installation are extremely competitive, and the units we recommend run very efficiently meaning that less electricity is required to run them, saving you on utility bills.

Ducted air conditioning works by delivering cooled air into different areas of the home or office through ducts that are fabricated into the wall, floor or ceiling. The central unit which cools the hot air is typically installed on the roof. The flow of the cool air can be controlled by remote control, allowing you to funnel the appropriate volume of cooled air into the areas of your home or office that require the most refrigeration. A ducted split system operates in the same way, but rather than just offer air conditioning to keep you cool, it can be switched to heat the air within the system, thus warming up the environment.

The indirect benefits of a system like this is that whilst it can keep you comfortable, it can also add value to your home or office since living / working in an environment where the temperature can be controlled is an attractive bonus to an interested buyer, and it is also one less thing they may have to purchase.

We have developed a reputation for delivering the best ducted air conditioning Melbourne can offer its residents during summer’s unpredictable heat waves. Talk to us today about how we can help keep you cool this summer, and when Melbourne decides to throw some cold snaps in, consider opting for a split system, so you’re covered all year round.