VRV System

A VRV System is a Multi Split Air Conditioning unit that uses innovative technology developed by Daikin over the last thirty years known as “Variable Refrigerant Flow Control” to maintain a consistent temperature level in commercial buildings, smaller office spaces and residential houses.

It has been available as a temperature-controlling solution for commercial spaces since the early 1980’s and has undergone many improvements since that time as technology has improved. This technology utilizes the minimum amount of refrigerant required at any given time to maintain a temperature consistency within a specific “zone”. The actual name “VRV” is derived from the term “Variable Refrigerant Volume” – a reference to the ability of the technology to only use the amount of coolant required at a given time.

VRV Systems offer many benefits to the temperature moderation of a commercial space. These include Energy savings, flexibility of control, flexibility of layout and an adaptable design to suit a particular space.

Individual controls combined with inverter technology help to limit energy consumption on an ongoing basis which over the lifetime of a unit can represent a significant cost-saving.

Each zone, or area, can be individually controlled with a remote control setting allowing for different areas of a commercial space to be individually set to a predetermined temperature to maximise comfort.

Up to 64 indoor units can be controlled by a single outdoor unit, allowing for a tremendous amount of flexibility in the overall design layout of the entire system.

There are many VRV Systems on the market, and these systems can be configured to suit a specific need based on the size, type and purpose of a commercial space. Systems can be designed to be multi-split, offering heating and cooling solutions, or one or the other.

These systems also come in a variety of applications that can be repurposed to suit a specific need. This includes:

Heat Pump / Cooling Only 

A standard solution for a multi split requirement

Heat Recovery 

Technology enables this type of unit to provide heating and cooling for an individual room(s)

High Outdoor Temperature Use 

Designed for areas that experience extreme temperatures, such as the Middle East, these units exhibit great technological innovations to deliver cool air flow in spite of the very hot ambient temperatures.

Low Outdoor Temperature Use

Conversely to the previous example, this unit can provide heating solutions when ambient temperatures are as low as -25 degrees celcius.

Residential Use 

A compact version of the VRV System boasts all the technology that a commercial unit does, but can meet the heating and cooling requirements of smaller offices and homes.

Water Cooled Unit 

This unit utilizes water as the source of its heat. Temperatures range from 10 degrees to 45 degrees celcius and the performance is not affected by the external ambient temperature. Its compact size makes it an ideal solution for smaller rooms.

Units are installed and configured by our friendly, expert staff here at Tailored Heating and Cooling solutions. The units themselves are controlled remotely with an intuitive display and easy-to-understand menu.