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Ducted Air Conditioners VS Split Systems. Which One?

Summer is approaching. As the days get that little bit longer and the chill begins to drop out from the wind, the people of Melbourne begin thinking about the inevitable heat waves that will arrive. Forward planning for these heat waves is a good idea, because whilst it is easy to “warm up” in winter

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Stay Warm This Winter With A Multi-Head Split System

For most of us, summoning the will to get out of bed in the morning can only be achieved because there’s a job waiting for us that has to be done. This might be working in an office, on a building site or getting the kids to school. Given the choice, when that alarm goes

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Are Natural Gas Wall Heaters The Right Choice For Your Home?

Natural gas wall heaters are a great way to give a room that cosy feeling during winter. Improvements in both the materials used and technology often make this type of heating solution cheaper to maintain in the long run, though they are typically more expensive than their electrical counterparts to install. With advancements in energy

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Why Ducted Heating and Cooling is a Great Investment

Living in Melbourne certainly has its perks. If you’re a sport-lover you’ve got events to look forward to all year-round from the AFL in the winter to the cricket in the summer and all the other disciplines like the A-League etc in between.   There’s a pretty healthy night-life too; unlike Sydney, which is permanently grounded, Melbourne has

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Preparing Your Home For Winter

There’s nothing worse - Summer is finished, daylight savings is gone, you get home and switch your heater on when that first cold night comes and it doesn’t work. Without doubt, the most common time for your ageing heating system to fail is when the unit is turned on for the first time in the

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