Living in Melbourne certainly has its perks. If you’re a sport-lover you’ve got events to look forward to all year-round from the AFL in the winter to the cricket in the summer and all the other disciplines like the A-League etc in between. 

 There’s a pretty healthy night-life too; unlike Sydney, which is permanently grounded, Melbourne has so many alleyways, quirky bars, funky cafes and interesting venues that you can always find something to do on most night of the week. 

 Enter Melbourne’s weather; unpredictable, extreme and ever-changing, it is the product of the city’s proximity to the red-hot centre and the Antarctic continent. Both of these deserts – with very different temperature signatures – drive the weather fronts that cause Melbournians to often get caught out in an unseasonal downpour or heatwave. 

 Outside we are at the mercy of such unpredictable patterns. Inside we have much more control and the best way to keep the temperatures in your home or office consistent is through a ducted heating and cooling system. 

 A ducted heating and cooling system offers a solution to staying cool in the heat and warming up during the cold. The system works through a series of ducts driven by the primary unit that is typically installed in the roof cavity. The temperature of individual spaces within an environment can be controlled via a thermostat giving independent control to different areas. A ducted heating and cooling system offers the freedom to maintain the same temperature in one room, but a different temperature in another room (on the proviso the ducted vents are separate)  

Utilising the benefits of a ducted heating and cooling system for your home or office can also help to save on your utility bills if the appropriate system is chosen based on your core requirements and correctly installed / maintained.  

 As an alternative to ducted heating and cooling, a split system installation is less prohibitive in terms of the installation, but it does not offer the flexibility to maintain a consistent temperature throughout a large house or office space. This type of solution is better-suited to small apartments that might require just the one room to be heated / cooled accordingly. 

 However, for a house with multiple rooms, a ducted heating and cooling solution expertly installed by our qualified technicians will not only help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter, but it will add value to your home and could actually help you save on your power bills.