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Have you ever been to the beach, or a lake or river for a swim to cool off on a hot summer’s day? Did you notice that the temperature seemed that little bit cooler than the surrounding environment? It seems cooler because some of the hot air blows out over the ocean and evaporates some of the surface water. This process absorbs some of the heat in the surrounding air and effectively lowers the temperature. This is exactly the same process that occurs in an evaporative cooler. The sea breeze is nature’s evaporative cooler. In a man-made system, hot air from the outside enters the cooling unit. Most often the system is fixed to the roof. If yours is a home that is a period-based home, or made from brick, chances are you will experience the full force of the summer as your home heats up during heat waves. You can combat this with an evaporative cooling installation. Melbourne is known for its extremely hot summer weather, but with an evaporative air conditioning system, you can always remain comfortable. Once the installation of your unit is complete, the air is then passed through a heat exchange and heat is “removed” from the air. This is the same process that occurs near a large body of water. The cooled air is then filtered and blown into a room, effectively cooling it down. This exchange is done using moistened Chillcel® pads. The hot air within your home, office, (or building) is forced from the room(s) through open windows and doors. For your average-sized home, this recycling of hot-to-cool air takes a few minutes. Thus, the air in your home or office is effectively “refreshed” every 2 minutes.


  • 100% fresh air is delivered into your home / office
  • During hot days, door and windows can be left open
  • Costs of staying cool are greatly reduced
  • Very reasonable installation costs and unit costs
  • Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “lifestyle” cooling
  • Allergy free
  • Asthma-friendly environment*
  • Fresh, recycled air is delivered every 2 minutes
  • Full ventilation drives out odours
  • Process is completely safe for indoor plants
  • Does not dry out eyes or skin
  • Installation is straightforward and hassle-free

With Evaporative Cooling, Melbourne heat-waves stay outside 

This process is completely natural and cools your home or office evenly with recycled fresh air every few minutes. Since the cooler air is filtered prior to entering your home / office, it is much healthier for you to breathe. The installation of an evaporative cooling system can often be completed in the space of a few hours. The quality of the air is also vastly superior to the stale air usually found indoors which makes it far less likely to cause skin irritations, itchy eyes or induce breathing problems from conditions such as asthma. Refrigerated systems that can circulate stale, recycled air is a poor choice for people with such ailments. By pumping fresh, cool air into your house consistently, and pushing hot, stale air out, you’re not only making your local environment more comfortable to live and or work in, you’re also effectively ventilating your space to boot. Any nasty odours from the kitchen, bathroom – or any other room for that matter can be quickly removed from the home (or office) in minutes by simply turning on the system and using it in fan mode. (in the event the temperature outside is not so hot as to warrant the cooling mechanism being used) * Always consult your medical practitioner for information regarding your specific condition if you are an asthma sufferer. (INFO PROVIDED COURTESY OF BRAEMAR) At Tailored Heating and Cooling Solutions, we are the experts in the installation, and maintenance of these sorts of systems, and the trusted company to offer the best evaporative cooling service Melbourne has to offer. Don’t suffer during the heat this summer, contact us for a consultation about the installation of evaporative air conditioning. Melbourne, might bring the heat, but its doesn’t have to be in your home or office.

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