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For over 50 years, many Australians have enjoyed the reliability and warmth of gas space heaters. Melbourne residents are no exception to this, particularly since the winters in Melbourne can be extremely cold with temperatures plummeting to near-zero when you take the wind chill into consideration.


Economical. Gas Space Heater are very economical to both to install and to run. Many of these types of heating units will provide great value for money for you long-term. Different variation of this type of heating provide different results so it is important to assess the environment that your new heating system is going to be installed into. Many gas space heaters have low CO2 emissions, provide a good ambient warmth and won’t break the bank when you’re trying to survive one of the cold snaps that are commonplace during a Melbourne winter.

Replacing an existing unit is typically a straight forward process. Our expert team has thousands of hours experience in exactly this. Compared to old units and ducted systems, modern gas space heaters don’t consume a lot of gas, saving you on running costs well into the future use of the product; it becomes a far more cost-effective solution to use long-term when compared to an existing system that is less economical.

With the impending rise of electrical and gas costs in Australia, this is a critical factor to be taken into consideration when determining what sort of method to keep your home warm during winter. Electricity and gas costs are rising, and it is the consumer that is feeling the pinch. By leveraging an efficient system that heats your space but actually uses less energy doing so, you are effectively eliminating the potential for future bill shock.

In a city like Melbourne, known for its brutal cold snaps, this is particularly true. Cold spells can last for days and can be felt right down to the core. Sometimes it is necessary to have a gas space heater running constantly for several days. It is this type of prolonged use that our products are equipped to handle economically.

Easy to use.Most modern gas space heaters are very simple to use and are fitted with electronic ignition, meaning easy and fast operation. This coupled with increases in energy efficiencies (which will help to keep running costs down) make this sort of solution ideal for those who are looking to purchase a new gas space heater or upgrade an old one.

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