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Ducted reverse cycle systems present the perfect solution for comfort all year in your office, home, or any large internal space.

How Ducted Reverse Cycle Cooling Works

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the workplace or home is necessary for our wellbeing. Our staff will expertly install a reverse cycle system that will deliver that level of comfort without the added noise to in both the freezing winters and searing hot summers.

A reverse cycle ducted system is made up of a few critical elements that operate in harmony to provide warmth or a nice cool breeze into your environment.

  • An outdoor unit, known as a condenser
  • An indoor fan coil unit
  • Insulated ducting (to minimise heat loss) carries the air to and from the indoor unit
  • Air is spread around a room by vents and that air returned back to the fan coil unit
  • Temperature is maintained by a thermostat

Reverse cycle systems such as these work by the contraction and expansion of the refrigerant within the unit. A compressor distributes the gas into the fan coil unit through a network of copper pipes that are heated. This warms the air. Conversely these pipes can also be cold, which has the opposite outcome.

This gas then circulates through the coil, which acts like a large radiator, and the air is drawn in from inside the internal environment. This either heats or cools the air prior to that air being distributed through the ducts and vents back into the home or office.

What Are The Benefits?

Brilliant performance.

Our top-quality range of ducted reverse cycle systems are extremely powerful. Subject to your power availability, our systems can heat or cool a space from the very large to the very small, no matter the internal conditions.


Running a ducted system in extreme heat or cold temperatures can be a costly exercise. Using the latest in inverter technology, our ducted system can operate at the rate required to maintain the temperature that you want, rather than using high amounts of electricity. These result in a reduction in energy consumption and a lower power bill.

All of our systems are also zone compatible.


Our Ducted reverse–cycle products are designed to use just one set of vents and ducts to facilitate both the cooling and heating process. This reduces the number of vents and grilles that need to be installed throughout the home.

An easy–to–use, fully programmable, master controller operates every aspect of functionality that our ducted reverse cycle system offers.

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Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling

Year round comfort

Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate solution for year round comfort for your home, office or any large space.

Our expertly installed systems will provide an extremely quiet, exceptional level of comfort through the same duct and vents in both the heart of a cold winter and depths of a hot summer.


A ducted reverse cycle system is comprised of a few key components, all of which operate together seamlessly to warm or cool your home:

  • An outdoor condenser unit
  • An indoor fan coil unit
  • Ducting, insulated (to protect against heat loss) that carries the air to and from the fan coil unit
  • Vents that spread the heated air into rooms around the home, and a return air vent which feeds already conditioned air from the home, back to the fan coil unit
  • A thermostat which measures the temperature to enable the system to maintain the temperature set by the user

Ducted reverse cycle systems work by expansion and contraction of the refrigerant gas inside the unit. In simple terms, the compressor inside the outdoor condensing unit sends the refrigerant gas into the fan coil unit via insulated copper piping in a hot condition for heating, or a cold condition for cooling.

This refrigerant gas then circulates through the coil (like a big radiator), then the fan draws air from inside the home across the coil which heats or cools the air, before sending through the ducting and vents into the home/building.


Outstanding performance. Our range of ducted reverse cycle systems are powerful enough to heat and cool just about any space, in almost any conditions (subject to your existing power supply)

Efficiency. Staying comfortable all year round doesn’t have to break the bank. Traditionally, most ducted systems of all types would only run on high speed using high amounts of electricity. Nowadays, our range of ducted reverse cycle systems feature the latest Inverter technology, which means your system will only run at the speed required to maintain the temperature, saving lots of electricity.

All of our systems are also zone compatible.

Simplicity. Ducted reverse cycle systems use only one set of ducting and vents for both heating and cooling, reducing the amount of grilles and vents throughout the home which can look unsightly if you have too many.

One, easy to use controller operates all of the functions that the ducted reverse cycle system offers. This controller is fully programmable to suit your home and lifestyle.

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