Natural gas wall heaters are a great way to give a room that cosy feeling during winter. Improvements in both the materials used and technology often make this type of heating solution cheaper to maintain in the long run, though they are typically more expensive than their electrical counterparts to install.

With advancements in energy efficiencies, many of the natural gas wall heaters available on the market today operate at close to 90% in terms of their “energy efficient co-efficent”. This basically means that more heat output is generated from less input, and they are more cost-effective to run during one of Melbourne’s bitter cold spells.

As with any heat that is generated from burning gas, all gas heaters emit fumes as the fuel is burnt. These fumes can be hazardous to those with respiratory weaknesses such as asthma, but even to non-asthmatics, inhaling the nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide over a period of time is not recommended due to the potential long-term problems they can cause.

A lesser-known bi-product of insufficient ventilation is an increase in water vapour in the home or office environment which can lead to an increase in moisture in the air and the development of mould and dust mites – also detrimental to one’s long-term respiratory health.

The easy solution to overcome these issues is to ensure all your natural gas wall heaters that are installed are flued. Flued heaters are fitted with a fixed pipe that acts almost like a chimney that channels the gases emitted during burning away from the rooms being heated and out into the environment. This leaves the living environment free from hazardous gases but still warmed by the heat produced.

If you are unable to install a flued gas heater, it is essential that proper ventilation is used within the home or office to allow the harmful gases to be removed before they are breathed in by the occupants. Such vents must be properly maintained and kept in good working order, so they actually function properly. Blockages from dust, dirt, clothing or any other obstructions should be cleaned and or cleared away when the heater is in use.

Our expert team has experience installing many different types of natural gas wall heaters in both homes and offices. We can consult on the most appropriate solution for your needs based on the environment.