The ultimate all-rounder

Reverse cycle split systems are the ultimate targeted solution for just about any room or space within the home or office.


Whilst split systems can come in many different formats, the most common is known as the Hi-Wall split system which is comprised of the following:

  • An outdoor condenser unit
  • An indoor fan coil unit, usually a compact head unit mounted up on the wall just below ceiling height
  • A remote controller which enables the user to adjust many options including mode, temperature, airflow speed and direction, timers and many more features

Split systems work by expansion and contraction of the refrigerant gas inside the unit. In simple terms, the compressor inside the outdoor condensing unit sends the refrigerant gas into the head unit via insulated copper piping in a hot condition for heating, or a cold condition for cooling.

The fan in the head unit then draws air over the coil and delivers the warm or cold air directly into the room, quietly and efficiently.


Versatility. Our expert installers combined with our quality range of split systems are able to install a split system into almost any room or space in a cost effective manner.

Range. There are many different variations available for the indoor head unit. Hi-wall splits are typically the most cost effective, however there are many options such as ceiling cassette, floor console, under ceiling console, concealed bulkhead and more.

Air quality. All of the split systems in our range are equipped with advanced filtration systems, delivering excellent air quality into the home.

Efficiency. Split systems utilize Inverter technology to maximise efficiency, meaning that the unit only works as hard as it needs to in order to maintain the temperature set by the user. Split systems are often more energy efficient to run than a gas equivalent.

Additionally, there is no wasting energy heating or cooling spaces which are not in use.


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