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How Wall Furnaces Work Environmental issues are a topic of spirited debate. Whether you agree with the science or not, it is quite clear greenhouse emissions are bad news for everyone. These are the sorts of gases that accumulate from the burning of fossil fuels, and they are increasing in the atmosphere at a rapid rate. An alternative heating solution is to use natural gas to heat your home. We recommend – and install many units of – the Braemar Eco-Superstar wall furnace heater. Aside from providing a lovely, even heat throughout your home or office, you will save on running costs due to its efficiency. Plus, you’ll be doing the planet a favour too! Fresh air Unflued gas heaters have a tendency to increase the level of pollutants in both the home and, to some degree, the atmosphere (depending on your source of fuel). The Braemar wall furnace is different because they flued, thus allowing for exhaust fumes to be expelled from the home or office. As an added benefit, doors and windows are able to remain shut during those cold winter nights. Unflued heaters require windows and doors to be open, allowing for the exhaust to dissipate outside. This is hardly the preferred scenario on one of those freezing winter nights! With Braemar’s flued heaters you can keep doors and windows closed and eliminate any cold draughts from exacerbating those winter chills. Safe heating Since there are no unhealthy exhaust gases circulating within the local environment of the home or office, and there are no hot surfaces inside the home that can cause injury to a family member or co-worker, the Braemar Wall Furnace is the ideal way to keep you, your home and family, and or your office warm this winter. With no messy fireplaces, smelly chimneys or ashes to clean up, it’s the perfect choice!

  • Overheat safety switches
  • Self diagnostic control systems
  • Cool to touch cabinets
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