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On a cold winter’s day, nothing makes you feel warm and cosy more than sitting in front of a warm fire. Our range of gas log fires gives you the opportunity to experience that warm and cosy feeling in your own home, every day! With a great range of gas log products and vast installation experience, Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions will always be able to provide you with the perfect fire to suit you and your home.


Comfort and convenience. There’s nothing better than getting home on a cold day and standing in front of a nice warm fire to warm (defrost!) the body. Simply flick the switch on your new gas log fire and within a few minutes you will be enjoying the warmth of fire, without the hard work, mess and expense of a wood fire.

Great looks. Whether installing in an existing fireplace, creating a new fireplace or even a freestanding unit, installing a gas log fire in your home will significantly add to the look and feel of your home.

Efficiency. Even if you already have a whole of home heating system like gas ducted heating, chances are you won’t be using all of the spaces in the home all of the time. By installing an energy efficient gas log fire in your main living area you have the ability to only heat the area that you spend the most time in, ensuring you aren’t wasting gas heating areas you aren’t using.

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